Tips, Tricks, & Gifts

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Congrats on your new Mutt Scouts Dog!

Before you bring your new baby home here is a list of some things you may need to buy to welcome your new addition!


1. Dog Tag

The most important thing to purchase is a dog tag with your address and best telephone number on it.  Rescue Dogs can be escape artists!  Let's make sure your Mutt has a tag that will get them back in your arms as soon as possible.


2. Dog Food

NULO- Is the brand of food that most of our dogs have been on while in their foster homes. It is a dry food.  You can add warm water, or chicken stock, or chicken meat. You may want to consider a grain free food for dogs. Once you know what food you would like to keep your dog on in the future you can change them over slowly by adding the Nulo food into the new food of your choice. 


3. Leash, collar and harness of your dreams.


4. Teething toys, tug toys and fun toys. 

Lots of them!!!!    Any kind of toy that will keep them busy.  But definitely some they can chew on. Kongs are really great and can keep dogs of all ages busy for hours. They can be filled with yummy treats or frozen to help a teething dog. 


5. Crate, Pen, Baby Gate

Until your new dog has become comfortable in their new surroundings you may need to contain them in an area.  This helps with housebreaking them and making them feel safe in a new surrounding.


6. Dog Bed or comfy blanket.

You can get them in every color, size and price!  We suggest you get one whose cover comes off and is washable.


7. Pee pads for a new puppy


8. Dog Bowls-  Food and Water


9. Training treats


10. Dog or Puppy Shampoo


11. Urine Remover

Remember this is all new to them!  They may make a few mistakes until you all have the potty routine down!


14. Dog Brush

There are more kinds of dog brushes than you can ever imagine! When in doubt a pin brush will get you started!