Success Stories



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When Percy was first rescued from the streets he was uncertain of who he could trust, which is completely understandable. After much affection and conditioning, Percy came to understand he was safe, wanted, and loved.

Ron went searching on our site after he saw another dogs’s rescue video. There he found Percy’s photo. He was instantly smitten, so Ron and his friend came by our mobile adoption to meet. An instant bond between Ron & Percy was formed.

Congratulations on your new best friend, Ron! Thank you for choosing to adopt, and for giving Percy the life he’s always deserved. Thank you Theo, Eldad, Hope For Paws, & Annie Hart for the Powerful Viral Video that brought these two together. 

And Percy: Thank you for trusting what we told you: 'Someone will love you like we do. You deserve it. You always did.'

Now Go Enjoy Life, Buddy.



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Iris was abandoned and alone, after the dog she was with was killed. She survived on the streets of Compton for months. A wonderful woman from a senior community nearby contacted us after she had seen Iris digging through trash and sleeping in ditches for a long time.

Erin and her boyfriend, Oscar, started out by fostering Iris. And as they tell it - soon Iris left them no choice but to make her a permanent member of the family.

Iris is just too sweet and lovable for them to consider anything else.



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This sweet girl was with a large group of dogs that came from a hoarder. She had been severely neglected and lived in a horrendous environment her whole life. To add insult to injury, after all the other dogs had been rescued, poor little Lola was left behind.

So we drove straight there and picked her up.
Lola could not be sweeter, could not be cuter and was adopted very soon after we got her.  

Congratulations Lola on your new amazing home and amazing new life.


Former Foster Dogs

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This wonderful couple were getting married. They thought their engagement photos needed some furry friends and invited a few of their former Mutt Scouts foster dogs to join them!! The result is so special, and really warms our hearts.

Not only did they foster Dolly, Sammy and Huck- but they were also responsible for finding all three dogs AMAZING homes.

Congratulations Grace & Nick. We cannot imagine two more compassionate people spending their lives together.




When you are a rescuer, you think no story can be as heartbreaking as the last one. That all changed for Mutt Scouts when our fellow rescuers in Tijuana called us about Sophie. This gentle soul was used as a breeding dog. When Sophie’s body was destroyed from breeding they turned her into a bait dog for dog fighting.

Her luck changed when she was found curled up on a filthy dirty blanket in the streets of Tijuana.

Soon Sophie became a social media star when The Dodo did an article on her heartbreaking story. But it wasn't until the day that the Gekakis family fell in love with her that her life changed forever.  Going from the streets of Tijuana to the arms of this loving family is what rescue is all about!  Happy Trails and Tails Sophie! You are home!



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