About Us

Who We Are


The Mutt Scouts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue dedicated to helping homeless, abused and abandoned animals. We are committed to providing proper socialization, training and medical care for each animal we save, no matter the cost.


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Rescuing Mutts Of All Kinds

We do not specialize in any breed or type of dog. We reach out to and save all types of dogs, regardless of age, breed or medical/behavioral needs. We are committed to transparency with our potential adopters to ensure that once a dog is in our care, they will know nothing but love and safety for the rest of their lives.


Where Our Dogs Come From

Our adoptable dogs come from various sources.  We regularly rescue dogs from high-kill Southern California shelters.  We also take needy dogs from the streets of Baja California and Mexico, where the need is enormous.  Some are strays, found and cared for by our amazing volunteers.  Others are surrendered to us by their former owners for various reasons.  

No matter how they get here, once they are in our care, we ensure that they know only love and security for the rest of their lives, which is why we are vigilant in seeking out the best possible forever homes, and creating an ideal match between family and pet.  An application, home inspection, and adoption fee are required.

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Fostering a Mutt

Unsure of whether dog ownership is right for you, or want to help but can’t make a long-term commitment?

Consider fostering a dog. Every new foster home we have is a dog saved from death row. We can work with you on your specific needs – prefer a small or hypoallergenic dog? Up for the challenge of rehabilitating an abused or neglected animal?

Just let us know – for every foster home, there is a dog in a shelter, waiting desperately to be saved.  We provide all food, supplies, and vet care – you provide a temporary safe home!  Ask us about fostering today!

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