Our Adoption Process

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Ready to Adopt?

Deciding on a doggy companion is a life-altering choice that should not be taken lightly. At Mutt Scouts, we want to match every dog with the right owner. We suggest that you carefully consider your life circumstances before taking on the responsibility of owning a mutt.  

Can you answer “YES” to the following questions?

For more information, please check out our pre-adoption checklist on the Before You Adopt page.

  • Are you at least 25-years old?

  • Can you care for a doggy companion for its entire life?

  • Can you afford a new family member?

  • Do you know how to care for your specific breed?

  • Do you have time to play and take care of your dog?

  • Is your home suitable for the breed you want?

  • Will a doggy companion fit into your lifestyle?



The Adoption Process

You would like to adopt a new family member - congratulations!  We're glad you have chosen to adopt and not shop!


Step One

There are few things that must be done in this process.  The first thing you need to do is fill out an adoption application.  We will ask whether you own your home or rent.  If you rent, we will ask for landlord consent for your dog breed to live on the property. We like to know how long the dog will be alone in your home, what are your past experiences with owning pets, and so much more!

Once you send it in we will read it and decide if you are ready for the next step. .



HOME CHECK - For your dog to be adopted, we will need to do a property inspection.  In this case, a member of Mutt Scouts may visit the prospective residence to approve the living conditions and property boundaries. We want to keep all of our dogs safe!



At the end, you will pay the necessary adoption fee and fill out our adoption contract.  After that, you may take your new dog home with you.



At Mutt Scouts we receive multiple applications on every dog.  We do our best to fit the right dog to the right owner.  As you can imagine we get in so many applications that it is difficult to answer each one. But please know that we do LOOK at EVERY one!  If we feel that you could be a good fit for the dog you have sent in an application for then we will contact you for the next step.  Home check.  We are a completely volunteer organization.  So, unless we think you are a good fit for the dog than we will not reach back out to you. If we feel we may have another dog that is a better fit for your home and circumstances than you will definitely hear from us!

WHY do we choose who we choose?  We are so grateful for each possible adopter wanting to adopt and not shop!  But, rescue dogs each have their own issues.  Some may do better with a yard, while others are fine in an apartment.  Some need a quiet home with their family around them.  And then there is that dog who is ok for the day while you are at work!  Some need a strong, dog savvy owner and others are just easy laid back pooches!  Our goal at Mutt Scouts is to find the perfect home for each of our dogs.  And for YOU! 


Pet Insurance

Mutt Scouts highly recommends that you consider taking out pet insurance for your mutt. Veterinarian care and animal hospital bills can be quite expensive.  At some point, you may face hard decisions about what treatment you can afford. Pet insurance can help cover the costs of unexpected emergencies, illnesses, surgeries, etc.


Click below to fill out Adoption Application:


About Mutt Scouts

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The Mutt Scouts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue dedicated to helping homeless, abused and abandoned animals. We are committed to providing proper socialization, training and medical care for each animal we save, no matter the cost. 

We do not specialize in any breed or type of dog. We reach out to and save all types of dogs, regardless of age, breed or medical/behavioral needs. We are committed to transparency with our potential adopters to ensure that once a dog is in our care, they will know nothing but love and safety for the rest of their lives.



Why Adopt From The Mutt Scouts?

When you adopt a Scout, you become a part of our incredible community and can trust that we will be there to support you along the way.  Prior to becoming available for adoption, each animal is spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, thoroughly checked by a trusted veterinarian, and medical care provided when needed.  The animal is then placed into one of our loving and experienced foster homes, where they have time to adjust and become socialized. 

Through foster care, one of the most integral pieces of our rescue process, we are able to bring the dogs out of their shells, rehabilitate as needed, and get a true assessment of the dog’s temperament and personality. A dog will only reveal so much of its personality in a scary shelter environment, and time in foster care allows us to assess them thoroughly and determine what type of environment (Kids? Cats?) is best for the dog. Through the foster process our ability to select the most appropriate home is maximized, and we pride ourselves on transparency and honesty.   Our wonderful fosters are always ready and willing to answer any questions you might have about a dog, before and after adoption.