Help Us Care - And Save - Every Kind

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Looking for the best way to help?

Try fostering a dog!  Seriously, our mutts need temporary homes until they can find permenant homes. You may even fall in love with a dog while fostering and want to adopt!  Our animals need the shelter and care for the temporary stages in life.  Honestly, fostering is great, because sometimes... A mutt just needs to be loved.



Volunteer Opportunities

Mutt Scotts is a non-profit organization rescuing and taking care of dogs.  

Our organizations thrives on volunteers and financial support.  If you are over the age of 18 (or supervised with parent or guardian), please join us as we take care of these mutts!  As seen in the volunteer descriptions below, there's plenty of opportunities to get involved.


Adoption Event Volunteers

Mutt Scouts is looking for volunteers to help out with our adoption events in order to get these little guys adopted into forever homes. We try and hold events in Southern California twice a month.  We need volunteers to help set up pens, walk dogs and puppies during the events, help keep the area clean, and help all the adopters meet their new puppies!  Though these events are filled with fun, they do get hectic. We need responsible volunteers who can jump in and help do everything and anything at the drop of a hat!



We need responsible people with their own vehicles to transport dogs to and from San Diego to Los Angeles.  We also need transports to get our pups from shelters to their foster homes or from foster homes to the adoption events.  These transports can be anywhere in Southern California.  Sometimes they are short runs, only miles away and sometimes they are longer distances. We need dog savvy volunteers with vehicles that can hold small to large crates. This volunteer opportunity is one of the most needed of all Mutt Scouts positions.  Very often the calls come in last minute and we need a staff of Transporters ready to go save a Mutt!  

Dog Trainers

When Mutt Scouts saves a dog we never know what kind of circumstances they come from.  Are they feral?  Are they afraid of people?  Are they food aggressive?  Can they walk on a leash? Are they afraid of other dogs?  We desperately need volunteer Trainers in all of Southern California to help teach our Mutt Scout rescue dogs how to be healthy and happy puppies in their forever families.


Fundraising and Social Media Volunteers

If you're a creative person or self-starter, this volunteer opportunity may be perfect for you.  Mutt Scouts needs help in all of our fundraising and marketing affairs.  You will work with Mutt Scouts to identify and execute marketing campaigns for our dog rescue events, programs and adoptable animals. In this role, you may even write for our blog, participate in social media marketing and create and promote online fundraising for a needy Mutt Scouts dog. If you are great at planning events we welcome new ideas and help in setting up live fundraising events in SoCal.


Home Check Volunteers

One of the most important Volunteer positions in Mutt Scouts is the Home Check Volunteer.  Once an application comes in for a pooch, we need to do a home check of the adopting family to see if it is the right forever home for one of our Mutt Scout Mutts!  You will be trained by one of our staff in this position. We need Volunteers in all of Southern California for this position.


Records Manager

Mutt Scouts is currently looking for a very responsible, computer savvy individual who has the time to be our Records Manager.  The job entails you entering in all of the Medical and Inoculation information on our rescue dogs into a pre-existing web program. You would also keep track of adoption contracts and payments.  This Volunteer Position is one of the most important ones that Mutt Scouts currently needs filled.  Realistically it could entail one hour of your time a day.  Then when we get a litter of puppies, or an adoption event has taken place it may be more than that.  You would be the Mutt Scouts Volunteer of the Year if you can take on this position! 



Don't Forget

The only thing better than fostering is offering these dogs a permanent home.  In adopting a new family member, you get a chance to really make a difference in a mutts life and your own.