Adoption Checklist

things to consider when adopting a dog

  • Do you have any other pets? How your other pets react to a new dog?

  • Is your current residence suited to the needs of the dog you’re considering?

  • How will your schedule affect your ability to care for a dog?

  • How do the other people in your home feel about having a dog in the house?

  • Are you, your spouse, partner or roommate intolerant of hair, dirt and other realities of sharing your home with a dog, such as allergies?

  • What breed mix of dog is the best fit with your current lifestyle?

  • Is there tension in the home? Dogs have the ability to sense stress and tension, and it can exacerbate their health and behavior problems.

  • Is there an adult in the family who has agreed to be primarily responsible for the dog’s care?

  • What do you expect your dog to contribute to your life? Do you want a running and hiking buddy, or is your perfect pet a couch potato who will hang and watch TV with you?

  • If you are thinking of adopting puppy, do you have the time and patience to work with the dog throughout its adolescence on house-training, learning commands, and behavioral corrections?

  • Have you carefully considered your lifestyle and determined whether a younger or older dog would be a better match for you?

  • Do you have the time to train and handle a dog with behavioral issues or are you looking for a better trained dog?

  • Do you have children, or will your dog be around children regularly?

  • Are you financially prepared for dog ownership, both routine care and unexpected emergencies?

  • Will your be home large enough should your dog grow to be bigger than expected?

  • Do you plan to travel with your dog? How big of a dog can you travel with comfortably?

  • Do you have a plan for your new dog during vacations or travel?

  • Most importantly, will your dog be your best friend and beloved family member?



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