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Consider Fostering

What's a great way to help a mutt? Consider fostering a dog. Every new foster home we have is a dog saved from death row. We can work with you on your specific needs – prefer a small or hypoallergenic dog? Up for the challenge of rehabilitating an abused or neglected animal? Just let us know – for every foster home, there is a dog in a shelter, waiting desperately to be saved.  We provide all food, supplies, and vet care – you provide a temporary safe home!  Ask us about fostering today!



Questions About Fostering

Q: How does the foster program work?

A:   If you’re interested in fostering a mutt, you will first have to consult with a Mutt Scouts staff member.  After that, you may sign an agreement with all the information you need to know about fostering. Once you take in a foster mutt, you are responsible for providing this wonderful dog with care on a daily basis, safety from all harm, shelter, water, food, and, of course, love. Keeping foster dogs outside is not allowed. Mutt Scouts provides all veterinary care and covers medical costs.

Q: What type of Dogs can I foster?

A:   All ages, breeds and sizes of dogs can be fostered.

Q: I already have a dog. Can I still foster?

A: Yes. Some foster families provide a spare room for their foster dog, which reduces stress on the mutt from other animals. However - you may slowly introduce your other pets to your foster dog over time. A Mutt Scouts staff member can give you helpful advice for along the way. Before you bring your foster dog home,  speak with your veterinarian to make sure your personal pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Q: Can I adopt my foster MUTT?

A: Yes!  However, you must go through the same adoption and screening process as other adopting applicants.

Q: Will the DOG I foster have any special needs, such as medical or behavioral issues?

A:   Some foster dogs may have special needs that require extra care or medication. However, don’t worry - We will only match you with a foster dog who fits your requirements and schedule.

Q: What do I do if my foster MUTT needs veterinary care?

A: Mutt Scouts provides all the veterinary care and will cover any veterinary care costs. The only thing foster families need to do is provide is a loving and nurturing environment for their foster mutt.



Are You Ready?

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If you love dogs, but cannot adopt at this time, then maybe fostering is right for you! Foster families can provide either short or long-term solutions for mutts.  All foster owners have to do is provide in-home care for mutts until they find their forever homes. Not only is it easy and fun, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do for a homeless mutt (and quite possibly - yourself!).  Fostering gives a dog the love and attention she or he desperately needs - therefore, increasing his or her chances of being adopted.


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