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foster a mutt

If you are interested in helping Mutts in need but unable to adopt, or if you are unsure whether dog ownership is right for you, we welcome you to consider becoming a foster. All of our dogs are housed in private foster homes, which allows our Mutts to acclimate into a home environment and their true personality to develop and shine. Our team is adept in finding the right foster Mutt for you based on your needs and the needs of others in your home. We rely on our fosters to relay valuable information about the dog’s temperament to assist us in matching them with the best possible adopter. We provide all food, supplies, and vet care at one of our approved vets while the dog is in foster care.

Fostering FAQ

Q: How does the foster program work?

A:   The first step in becoming a foster is the completion of our foster application. A Mutt Scouts Ambassador will then conduct a homecheck with you and discuss Mutts available to foster. Once you take in a foster Mutt, you are responsible for providing care on a daily basis, safety from all harm, shelter, water, food, and, of course, love. Our organization requires that foster Mutts live primarily indoors unless supervised. Mutt Scouts provides all veterinary care and covers medical costs from our approved veterinary clinics.


A:   Ideally, we would like for the Mutt to stay in the care of one foster home until an adoption is finalized. The length of time a dog stays in foster care is variable, as we do our best to ensure the dog goes not to just any home, but to the right home. If you have a finite period of time available to foster, or if you have upcoming work or travel commitments, please give a Mutt Scouts Ambassador so we can plan for alternative care.

Q: I already have a dog. Can I still foster?

A: Yes! A Mutt Scout Ambassador will discuss the needs of your current dog with you prior to welcoming a foster Mutt into your home. Your dog(s) must be up to date on vaccinations before welcoming a foster Mutt into your home.

Q: Can I take my foster Mutt to the dog park, social gatherings, or other outings for off-leash play?

A: For liability purposes, we ask that all Mutts belonging to our organization do not engage in off-leash play with other dogs other than your own. Fosters may not bring their foster Mutts to the dog park as we are unable to ensure proper introductions with other dogs outside of our organization. All Mutts belonging to Mutt Scouts should remain on leash when outside of the foster’s home.

Q: Can I adopt my foster MUTT?

A: Yes! We understand that fostering is an emotional process and it’s easy to become bonded to your foster Mutt. However, you must go through the same adoption and screening process as other applicants.

Q: Will the MUTT I foster have any special needs, such as medical or behavioral issues?

A:   Some foster Mutts may have special needs that require extra care or medication. Additionally, dogs going into any new environment may initially be stressed and unforseen or unknown issues may arise. We believe in full transparency on both ends; should issues arise, your Mutt Scouts Ambassador will be there for you every step of the way.

Q: What do I do if my foster MUTT needs veterinary care?

A: Mutt Scouts will cover all pre-approved veterinary care costs at one of our approved veterinary clinics. In the case of an emergency, contact your Mutt Scout Ambassador for help in finding veterinary care.

Q: what do i do with supplies belonging to mutt scouts after my foster mutt is adopted?

A: Please contact your Mutt Scouts Ambassador to return all supplies furnished by the organization.

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