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Help Lottie

Lottie was found starving to death on the streets of Mexico with a giant hole in her precious face. This poor angel could not even take a sip of water without choking. Without food and water she was destined to die.  Had the Mutt Scouts team not been called she would not have survived another day. 

So we saved her!

Lottie has had a long struggle.  Sick, weak and with very little will to live she would not even lift her head up.  But all along she would look at you with her soulful eyes like she was saying thank you. Not only did her little body look like hell on the outside, but her blood work was atrocious. For the first few weeks we did everything for her but nothing was helping.

Then she took a turn for the better! At University Vet they got her on iv's and a special cocktail of drugs that worked! Slowly but surely she is healing! ! This girl has a survivors spirit.  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is finally out of the hospital and on the road to health. We know that if we can get her back to feeling like a happy dog the world is her dog biscuit!

We need your help!  The vet bill to save Lottie was more than we ever imagined. And now we need to continue her care.   Please donate for Lottie.


Want to learn more about Lottie?

See our YouCaring page for Lottie

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Help Shirley


This poor baby was just found tied up in a garbage bag fighting to survive.  We just got alerted to a very small puppy tied up in a garbage bag. A group of children were playing near an empty lot when they spotted a bag moving. When they realized there was a live puppy in there, they called for help. We rushed to help and immediately took her to the vet for evaluation. 

She is in terrible shape and fighting to survive. As for her treatment plan, right now she's a bit of a mess. She's got a serious case of contagious mange which requires her to be quarantined, and pretty serious parasite infestation which is being treated, but is causing her to be very vitamin deficient. We're working to get her skin under control and her levels up. 

We decided to name this sweet girl Shirley and despite everything going on, she is the sweetest, most grateful little girl. She is SUCH a fighter and we will not give up on her. Please help us save her life!


Want to learn more about Shirley?

Go to Shirley's poundWISHES page


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Help Norman

This 8-year-old boy is shy but incredibly sweet and loves to be near. Preferably on your lap! He just had eight teeth removed and is on his way to 100% health!