These Mutts Tell Our Story


MEET daisy

Daisy was found across the border, starved and abused.  Her owner could not afford to feed her.  She had also just given birth to five puppies, and gave all her strength to her beautiful babies.

Daisy was saved by our rescuer in the nick of time.  Loving fosters, Renee and her family,  joyfully cared for Daisy, lovingly holding her while she nursed her puppies.  They could only describe her as an “amazing mother”.  Even though weak from starvation, and infested with worms, ticks and fleas, she still cared for her pups with love and tenderness.  

Instead of another sad story of a dying mother, this foster family nursed Daisy and her five healthy pups into the cute-ist, chubbiest bunch you have ever seen!


MEET Jimmie

Jimmie was found in a mechanic’s shop, hiding in a pile of auto body parts.  With his broken bones and hip, he was scared, and in tremendous pain.

Gentle, sweet Jimmie was found by our rescuer, given medical care, love, and time to heal.  And once Mutt Scouts brought him to Kathie, his foster, she told us “You know, I am never going to give him up!” 

Kathie gave Jimmie an operation for his hip so that he wouldn’t have to be in pain anymore.  Jimmie is always right next to Kathie, who tells us “it’s a love story for sure, can’t imagine life without him.” 


MEET pebbles

Honestly, we didn’t even notice the starvation at first - we were too focused on the mass on her neck and thick, bloody skin.  When we unfolded her pee pad (she would fold it to cover up her mess) we saw a poop consisting of sticks, wrappers, and pebbles. No actual food!  How long had she been starving like that?

Pebbles new life consists of adventures, sticks… and love.  


MEET donna

We got a call from a high-kill shelter about Donna.  A woman in the local community noticed her neighbor’s neglected dog kept escaping it’s yard for a pet and food.  When it’s owner saw this, he built an enclosure around her.  When Donna managed to escape the enclosure, he chained her tight.  When the neighbor no longer received visits from Donna, she worried.  The neighbor helped rescue Donna and a local shelter came for her.  

The shelter called us and we said “of course, we want her!” Although it was a long distance, once a pilot from Pilots and Paws saw Donna’s desperate photo, he was in.  Pilots N Paws kindly flew Donna to LA. 

She was fostered, healed and adopted by the loveliest owner you can imagine.  It’s hard to believe that it’s the same dog.


MEET lottie

When our Lottie was rescued, she had a hole in her face.  She could not even drink water without choking  So starved, she weighed in at 11 pounds (instead of the 20 lbs she is now). 

Because of all the members of the Mutt Scouts community of supporters, Lottie received the critical surgeries she needed.  Just becoming stable enough to survive them was a long and arduous process.  

But with lots of love and care, she got better, slowly, but surely.  And look at her now.  Have you ever seen a happier dog!!


MEET nugget

Nugget and his siblings were trying to survive on the streets of Tijuana. But their luck had run out: their mom was hit by a car while looking for food and they were starving.  While searching for something to eat, Nugget was attacked by another stray and his face was mauled.  

Luckily, all these pups and their mom, Flo, were rescued and lovingly fostered and adopted by owners who cherish them.  They never have to search for food again.  


MEET benson

Benson was dumped, blind and confused onto the streets.  He waited in the same spot, without food or water, for a week hoping his owner would return.

A kind soul rescued him and took him home.  His chronic tick-related diseases caused painful medical conditions, including blindness and a hernia.  After many surgeries and months of medications, he was finally cured and ready for the amazing owner who adopted him.  Now, a lovely retired couple spend every moment with him and his two German Shepherd sisters.  


MEET saki

Found alone, crying in a ditch with mange, severe rickets, fleas, and ticks. Most notable though, she had a disfigured face.  She had been attacked in the face by another dog. But the wounds in her face were not healing. Exploratory surgery revealed a broken bone within the side of her face.  

Post surgery, she developed a deadly infection.  She couldn’t walk and almost died several times, but finally got it under control.  

A long and painful journey - but look how it has paid off for our beautiful Saki.


MEET oscar

Oscar came to us from a hoarder who had forty Shih Tzus living in a single room.  There was no running water and the floor was covered in feces.  Their fur was matted into shells!!  We pulled several of the Shih Tzus and gave them plenty of love, care and time to recover.  

It was amazing what we found underneath all that matted fur: the beautiful gem which Oscar had become.



We drove cross country in an empty van and googled “high kill shelter”. We found one in Gallup, New Mexico.  When we got there, Yoko was scheduled to be euthanized that day, so we pulled her and put her in the van, along with another dog. 

Once in LA, she began to heal from several medical issues, but it was a long process.  She ended up being so gorgeous when fully recovered, that she was chosen to be on a commercial and label for Squarespace / Kombucha!

How about that for an encore?


MEET wallace

Wallace was rescued along with Yoko from the shelter in Gallup.  While we were picking up Yoko, a man walked in with a puppy in a box.  Inside was Wallace staring back with sad, hopeless eyes.  After packing him into the van, we pulled ticks off of him the entire way home.  

Since his age was miscalculated, we had no idea how big – and handsome- Wallace would eventually become. 


MEET ernest

We rescued several dogs from a hoarder in Compton.  Ernest was one of them.  His skin was literally falling off in places.  He appeared to be vicious – but he was just in constant pain. 

Once Ernest was given medical treatment for his skin condition and loving care from a foster, he became the very loving dog he is today.